Autumn Harvest Basket

12 Sep
Happy September and almost autumn!  This is one of my favorite month’s for so many reasons (mentioned in a previous blog post), and definitely my favorite season!  I already have created 2 more new patterns within a week’s time, so I think it might be one of my more inspiring times of the year too. 😉  One of the new patterns will be for this month, and the other I will post in November, since I have an original pattern for October already in mind.
I’d like to say thank you to a few folks who said they’d test this month’s pattern for me.  I thought it might be a bit more complicated, when typing up the instructions so asked if anyone would be willing to pattern test for me.  4 sweet ladies did offer, but I only heard back from 2 of them.  I’d like to thank all 4, but didn’t get permission from 2 of them to include their names here, since I didn’t hear back from them.  In any case I would like to thank them as well as the 2 ladies I do have permission to share their names.  So thanks to:
Jessica W. and Becky D.
I have a blog address for Jessica, but do not for Becky, sorry.  If Becky happens to read this, I will most definitely edit this post with her blog address, if she has one, and is willing to share it here.  If you’d like to check out Jessica’s blog post go to:
Also thanks to Jessica and Becky for helping with the pattern corrections that needed to be made.
I have one more favor to ask.  Ever since Word Press made changes and updates, I can no longer view my stats…which means I have no idea if anyone is reading my blog posts anymore.  If you read, would you please be so kind as to leave a comment, to let me know that you read, or like the pattern, or any thoughts at all?  I do have it set to approve comments, just so you know…but it’s only to keep spammers from posting anything they like, and also to keep those who might not use family friendly words from just being able to say anything they like.  I am all about family friendly in every area of my life, and want to keep it that way on my blog too…I hope you understand.
I haven’t been the greatest about replying to comments on my blog posts in the past, but will do my best to reply from now on, if comments are left.  Thanks so much for your cooperation!  And hope you have been and will continue to enjoy my patterns this year.
Here is your pattern for this month…
Autumn Harvest Basket
©September 3, 2012
Materials Needed:
4 Ply WW Yarn in any autumn color you like.  I used Red Heart Woodsy for the one I made.
Honestly if you wanted to make this basket for other times of the year, I am sure it would work with whatever coordinating color you choose for the season. 🙂
Hook Size:  G
Abbreviations and Stitches Used:
CH = Chain
DC = Double Crochet
DNT = Do Not Turn
FLO = Front Loops Only
HDC = Half Double Crochet
REP = Repeat
RND = Round
SC = Scingle Crochet
SK = Skip
SL ST = Slip Stitch
SP = Space
ST = Stitch
Pattern Instructions:
RND 1:  CH 3 (Counts as first HDC and CH 1 that you’ll be working into), 11 HDC in third CH from hook, Join with SL ST in top of CH 3, CH 1, Turn (12 HDC).
RND 2:  1 SC in each ST around, Join with SL St into first SC, CH 2 (Counts as first HDC on next RND), Turn (12 SC).
RND 3:  1 HDC in same ST as CH 2 ST, 2 HDC in each ST around, Join with SL ST into top of CH 2, CH 1, Turn (24 HDC).
RND 4:  REP RND 2, (24 SC).
RND 5:  REP RND 3, (48 HDC).
RND 6:  REP RND 2, (48 SC).
For RNDS 7-14 DNT.
RND 7:  (Working in FLO this RND only) 1 HDC in each ST around, Join with a SL ST in top of CH 2, (48 HDC).
RND 8:  CH 1, 1 SC in same ST as joining ST, CH 5, SK 3 HDC, *1 SC in next HDC, CH 5, SK next 3 HDC, REP from * around 10 times, SC in next ST, CH 5, SL ST into first SC, ( 12 SC, 12 CH 5 SP).
RND 9:  SL ST in first CH 5 SP, CH 1, 1 SC, CH 5, *1 SC in next CH 5 SP, CH 5, REP from * 10 times, 1 SC in next CH 5 SP, CH 5, SL ST in first SC, (12 SC, 12 CH 5 SP).
RNDS 10-13:  REP RND 9, (12 SC, 12 CH 5 SP).
RND 14:  SL ST in first CH 5 SP, {CH 3 (Counts as first DC), 1 DC, CH 4, 2 DC all in that same first CH 5 SP}, *CH 3, SL ST in next CH 5 SP, CH 3, {2 DC, CH 4, 2 DC all in next CH 5 SP}, REP from * around, CH 3, SL ST in first CH 3, (6 Shell STS, 12 CH 3 SP), Fasten off.
ROW 1:  Pulling RND 14 forward, and working between 2 Shell STS and on RND 13, SL ST into CH 5 SP on one side of the SL ST on RND 14, CH 1, SC in same SP, then work 1 SC on other side of the SL ST, CH 1, Turn (2 SC).
ROW 2:  1 SC in SC, CH 5, 1 SC in next SC, Ch 1, Turn (2 SC and 1 CH 5 SP).
ROW 3:  1 SC in SC, {SL ST, CH 5, SL ST} all in CH 5 SP, 1 SC in SC, CH 1, Turn, (2 SC, 2 SL ST, 1 CH 5 SP).
ROWS 4-23:  REP ROW 3.
ROW 24:  {SL ST, CH 1, 2 SC} all in CH 5 SP, SL ST into SC, CH 1, Turn, (2 SL ST, 2 SC).  Then do a SL ST into first SC and CH 1.
Attaching to other side:
Count 3 Shell STS around, and working between the third and fourth Shell SP, and pulling RND 14 away from you and working in CH 5 SP on RND 13, SL ST into one side of the SL ST of RND 13, then work an SL ST in SC on handle, then work another SL ST on same side as you attached, and do another SL ST into same SC on handle, then work a SL ST on other side of the SL ST, and work a SL ST into the other SC on handle, and work one more SL ST into RND 13, and again into the second SC on handle, then one more on RND 13, fasten off, and weave in ends.
Decorate as you like, or leave as is.  Fill with anything you like, and enjoy!
Stay creative and be blessed! 🙂

2 Responses to “Autumn Harvest Basket”

  1. Jessica W. September 12, 2012 at 12:38 PM #

    I was happy to have tested this pattern. It makes a really cute basket.

    • yarnysongs September 12, 2012 at 1:13 PM #

      Thanks again so much Jessica! I forgot to mention the cool idea you had for making it into a purse, so please feel free to share your idea here. 🙂

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