Knitted Cross Washcloth

12 Mar
Happy March Everyone!
I hope you are all enjoying the patterns that I have designed, and am now sharing with you?!
I wanted to share something for Easter, and since Easter is April 8 this year, I thought I better post this pattern now, so you will have time to make some for the special day, that some even call Resurrection Day.  Our family calls it both , but we do emphasize the most important part, which is Resurrection Day, but we do not see the harm in the fun stuff. 🙂
In any case, this month I am sharing my first ever, and so far only, knitting pattern.  It is a cross inside a washcloth.  I really believe you need to use a solid color for this so the cross can be seen easily.  If you are blind, or low vision, don’t worry you can feel the cross easily. 😉
If you give this a try, please let me know how you like it.
If you are one of my crocheters that do not, or can not knit, and would like a crochet pattern for this month, please let me know, and I’ll see if I can get one posted for you.  It will not be this design, as I only designed this in the knitting pattern, but I think I can find a crochet pattern or 2 that I created, to post for ya. 😉
Be blessed and stay creative!
Knitted Cross Washcloth
©February 23, 2011
Materials Needed:
I used size 6 knitting needles (but you can try any size you like)
4 ply WW Cotton Yarn–any solid color
Cast on 36.
Rows 1-10:  K across
Row 11:  K 17, P 2, K 17
Row 12:  K across
Rows 13-46:  Rep Rows 11 and 12
Row 47:  K across
Row 48:  K 10, P 7, K 2, P 7, K 10
Rows 49-62:  Rep Rows 11 and 12
Rows 63-71:  Rep rows 1-10
Bind off
SL ST a border around cloth with size G hook (or whatever crochet hook matches the size needles you use).
Fasten off, and weave in ends.

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