Tick Tock! AH! Here it goes…

31 Dec

In my last post I mentioned how you’d be hearing a whole lot about Christmas, and the next thing you know…nothing.  Sorry about all the silence.  It’s been a full and blessed Christmas season, and I pray you all have had the same. 😉


Now, here we are on the last day of 2011…can you believe that?  And Christmas Eve was just a week ago, but why does it feel like months ago?  Our tree looks like it is ready to go for a nice long nap, and we will be undecorating on Monday, January 2.  I am trying to keep Matthew West’s song Happy Day After Christmas in mind.  If you haven’t heard it, you need to find it and take a listen.  Here are the words to the chorus…I hope they intrigue you…


Happy day after Christmas

Merry rest of the year

Even when Christmas is over

The Light of the world is still here


Hope we all keep that in mind in 2012. 🙂


An update on some old news for you.  I told you once I mailed my friends baby gift off, and she received it that I’d share what I made for her.  She wasn’t sure what she’d be having so I stay generic for her.  I crocheted a green blanket, and I also crocheted a sweater, hat and booties all in white.  I mailed the package the beginning of the week, and she ended up going into labor the end of that same week…how cool is that?  She and her hubby are proud parents to a sweet little boy.  Congrats to the new family of 3. 🙂


I also had shared with you, when I began this blog, that I would post some of my original patterns, and have not done that yet.  One of my goals in 2012 is to post at least 1 a month for you.


On a similar note, I do not make resolutions, but rather I try and make a few small practical goals that I can usually stick to for the most part.  How about you?


Another goal I have is to read the Bible through in a year once again.  I’ll be doing this with our email chat group.  If anyone is interested in the chat group, please let me know.  If you are interested in a reading plan, I can tell you that we’ll be using…




You’ll have your choice of how you’d like to read through, as well as Bible translation.  You also have the option of having your reading for each day emailed to you if you’d like.


I have a third goal (which concerns me the most for fulfilling) and that is I’d like to try and do a little RAOK each day…maybe I should go for once a week, and that way it doesn’t seem so scary to achieve?  Just thinking out loud as I type up this post…and if I get to do it each day, great, but if not…I think the weekly one will be more attainable, maybe? 😉  Thanks for hearing me out while I worked it out in my brain. LOL


Craft projects currently being worked on…

Well, of course I am working on another waffle stitch washcloth, so that’s on my knitting needles.  I am also working on a yellow blanket for my granddaughter’s upcoming birthday, and I have a plastic canvas coaster set in the works.  The plastic canvas coaster set is my original design, and if I can figure out how to write instructions for it, I will be sharing that is one of the patterns in the upcoming new year.  Besides that, I have 1 original knitting pattern for a washcloth, and 19 original crochet patterns.  Can you tell which craft is actually my passion? 😉


Well, guess it’s time to close out this blog post, and soon close out this year.  So let’s say good-bye to 2011, and welcome in 2012 with a prayer and hope that it will be a safe and blessed year for us all.


Be blessed and stay creative!


Happy New Year!


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