It’s a Marshmallow World in Autumn?

14 Nov

It’s been historically eventful weather times around here lately.  This autumn has definitely proven to be one of the most interesting, I think I’ve ever seen…or remember seeing that is.  Since my last post, we had our first NorEaster of the season.  It happened the last weekend in October.  Folks were without power for days.  It was so bad in fact, that our city manager, along with many others in surrounding towns, decided that it was too dangerous with down trees and power lines for the trick or treaters to go out on Halloween.  So, for the first time ever, we were giving out candy on November 3rd, instead of October 31st…it was so bizarre…but we made it through. 😉  Thankfully we did not loose power, but know several who did.  I do believe everyone’s power is up and running now. 


And here we are on November 14, and the last few days have been absolutely gorgeous.  So nice, in fact, that we have actually opened up our house to get some fresh air.  I can’t believe 2 weeks ago, we were shoveling out from a snowstorm, and today we had mild temps…talk about the difference between night and day.


I promised to share with you about what I made for my friend, and now that she has received her gift here goes…this is my friend who sent me a gift at the same time…


I took one of the little Christmas trees that I had crocheted, and I placed little charms on it…to represent ornaments to decorate the tree.  There was a special theme in mind, based on a blog my friend had started at the beginning of this year.  She said she wanted to start a shoe blog, and try and buy at least 1 pair of shoes a month this year.  I am not sure how she is doing on that, because I haven’t seen a blog update lately.  But still I thought she might like this little gift.  Plus I thought maybe it would be a fun way to end her year of shoes?! 😉  So I had some shoe charms that I placed on the tree.  I also had a horse button I sewed on to it, and I put a little birthstone butterfly on there for her.  I made a cross out of a pipe cleaner and placed it on top of the little tree.  I didn’t take any pics before mailing it off to her, so sorry about that.  I am so glad she liked her gift though. 🙂


I finally got a few more things made for my friend who is having a baby and I am hoping to get her package mailed off soon.  Once I know she has it and knows what it is, I’ll share with all of you about that gift too.


I feel like there were so many more things I wanted to post in this blog, but of course I am drawing a blank right now.


What’s on my hooks and needles?

Well, of course, I am still knitting my favorite washcloth pattern.  I just love how they come out.  Since my last post however, I think I did manage to get several crochet projects finished.  I made a little throw, which I think my granddaughter claimed…LOL…but that’s okay with this gramma of course. 😉  I also crocheted 3 washcloths, and am currently back to crocheting some scarfs.


Only 10 more sleeps until Thanksgiving.  Is everyone ready for the wonderful holiday season?  I hope so. 🙂


Stay creative and be blessed!


One Response to “It’s a Marshmallow World in Autumn?”

  1. Melissa November 16, 2011 at 11:53 AM #

    As always, it’s fun hearing about what you’re up to, Denise. Thank you!

    and yes, the weather has been up and down, indeed …..

    It has been nice to be able to let fresh air in and such, no doubt.

    The gift you made for your friend sounds very cool, and creative. wooHOO, you GO girl : )

    HUGS, love & prayers to all!

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