God Things

27 Oct

Just so it is clear, I did NOT make a typo in the title of this entry…I meant “God Things”…and I love each and every “God Thing” that comes my way. 🙂

Here is an example of what I mean…

Earlier this week, I was working on a special little gift for a friend.  As I was working on it, I received a package from that very same friend.  One of the things she said in her sweet card was that when she sees something that reminds her of someone she has to pick it up for them and send it off.  Being a fellow horse lover, she knows how much I love horses, so she sent me a cookie cutter in the shape of a horse head, with a cookie recipe attached.  I was just so in awe that I had received a little gift from the same friend I was making one for…that is a “God Thing” to me.  Neither one of us had any idea that the other one was doing that.  And I hope I waited long enough to write this…what I mean by that, is that I hope she has received her gift by now.  But just in case she might be reading this, and has not yet received the gift, I won’t say what that gift is just yet.  Sorry, I feel like I always keep you in suspense, but I promise I will share different things with you as I can.

I feel a little badly, I have to admit, because when I receive a gift like that I usually stop whatever I am doing to thank the person, and I did not do that this time.  Mainly because of what I was working on, and how in awe I was of that all happening.  So dear friend (you know who you are), thank you so much!  I just love my horse head cookie cutter and recipe, and love that you thought of me…and the card was very special, too. 🙂

I’ll see if I can finish this entry as I hoped.  My kitty just decided that she needed in my lap right now…LOL…so I am trying to type around her.

Some things I’ve been working on lately…

Well, of course, I am still knitting those waffle washcloths.  I also have been crocheting cute little 3D Christmas trees, and I found the cutest little candy corn pattern….so made a couple of those as well.

Here it is only October 27 and we have had our first snow of this season.  I have mixed feelings about it.  I’ve been saying that I’d wish it would have waited, but now that it is here…I think I’m okay with it.  Just makes me that much more in a Christmassy mood. 🙂  Speaking of which, we have purchased 6 new Christmas CD’s so far this year.  I am glad that some of the artists we like have come out with new Christmas albums this year.

But I am sure all of you are not quite ready to hear about Christmas just yet, but I need to warn you, we are very Christmassy here, and so you’re probably going to be hearing more and more about it with each entry. 😀

Back to the crafting…

My sweet hubby bought me these very interesting pipe cleaners…they are more like wired pine…so I am trying to figure out exactly what I can make out of them.  I am definitely leaning towards wreaths or trees, but more so wreaths.  I still have some red and white pipe cleaners leftover from last year, so I can make candy canes to put on the wreathes, so hopefully I can get it all worked out and get some cute projects out of them.

What are all of you working on?  Have you been busy little elves working hard on Christmas?  Or are you starting to get in that panic, oh no, how will I ever finish everything? mode?  Hopefully you’re doing great, and can enjoy the upcoming holidays.  They really are for enjoying and not for stressing. 🙂

Be blessed and stay creative!


One Response to “God Things”

  1. Melissa October 28, 2011 at 10:22 AM #

    I thoroughly enjoy reading your posts, Denise. Thank you for taking the time to do this! : )

    Also, VERY cool about the recent God Things you’ve had in your life. YAY GOD! hehe

    Your projects sound like fun, and very cool indeed. Looking forward to seeing some photos sometime, perhaps.

    Sending you BIG hugs, love & prayers!

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