Simple Things

17 Oct

It seems as the days get shorter, and the holidays draw closer, our days just are filling up with different things.  I don’t think I’ve seen the calendar getting so full in quite a while.  But that’s okay, full days are just fine, as long as there is some rest time.  So many folks, just seem to run around constantly, never having a moment to breathe, let alone, just rest and relax, and that is not good physically or mentally.  So please remember, as the days get crazier, take some time to just rest, and breathe.  You need it to refuel for the upcoming events. 🙂


I love simple things like spending time with family and friends, reading to my grandbabies, making homemade things, taking a walk, listening to music or watching TV or a movie, Random Acts of Kindness (RAOK), etc.  I love to give gifts or little things to folks randomly.  It makes me happy to see their reactions when they receive something unexpectedly.


Last week a friend of ours sent Matt and I an unexpected gift.  They wanted us to know that we are appreciated and loved, and it was so nice to receive a gift of love like that.  Our friend made us handwoven scarves.  Her handy work was incredible.  Folks around here were like they are so beautiful.  She made a blue one for me, and brown one for Matt. I know she reads this blog, so I am going to just simply say thanks so much once again…we appreciate the gifts and your friendship. 🙂


If you have never tried doing a Random Act of Kindness I’d like to encourage you to give it a try.  I promise it will bring you as much, if not more joy, than the recipient of your gift.


a Few of the projects I mentioned in my last post didn’t work out as I hoped.  I’ll start with the third project I was hoping to give to my friend who is expecting…I ran out of that particular yarn type and color, so I ended up giving what I was making to my granddaughter, who absolutely loves it. LOL  Also the second project I wasn’t sure if I’d be sending to that same friend found a home with my grandson…He just really loves it.  So, all I have to give her is the original gift I made, and I am trying to think of something else I can give her along with it.


The wreath I said I was trying to make, really wasn’t coming out as I had hoped, so I ripped back, and salvaged the yarn to be used on other projects.  I used it to make a pillow, and 2 toilet paper covers.  All these things I am going to keep.  I usually sell or give things away, but I really loved this color of yarn and wanted to make some things for our home with it.  It was an autumn multi-colored yarn, and I love autumn, as you all know, so I just had to make some things for the house with it. 😉


My favorite pattern for a toilet paper cover so far, and for many years now can be found here:


 I should mention that depending on the size of the roll of toilet paper you might need to add a few more rows of the HDC.  I usually do through row 19 (instead of 15) of it, then do that TR row as row 20, instead of row 16.  Hope this helps, but if not, please feel free to ask me what I mean.  Or you could write the designer, if you prefer.  Lisa Hamblin, is very nice (I’ve written her myself a few times), and she might take a bit to get back to you, but she has always gotten back to me…so I’m sure she’ll do the same for you.


I did not follow a pattern for the pillow I made.  I am not claiming this as my original design either, as it is just another simple little pattern that any crocheter could do.  I just CH41, then SC in the second CH from the hook, and across ending up with 40 SC.  Then, I CH 1 turn and just did 48 rows of SC, always CH1 at the end of each row, except the last one, I fastened off.  I made another one, then I SLST the pieces together, and filled with fiber fill.  It came out pretty nice. 🙂


I also made another knitted waffle washcloth, and have another one on the needles.  So busily busily crafting, and loving it!


I’d love to hear what you are working on.  Any special things for the holidays?


Stay creative and be blessed!


One Response to “Simple Things”

  1. Melissa October 19, 2011 at 10:35 AM #

    Sweet Denise. I have enjoyed reading your blog posts : )

    Keep up the great work! And thanks for the good words of advice – to slow down sometimes, rest and such, and especially around this time of year, when the holidays start up again. Great stuff, but busy indeed.

    And your crafts sound like they’ve been great. Sorry to hear you couldn’t finish the project you had for your expecting friend… glad your sweet granddaughter enjoyed it tho : )

    And yes, random acts of kindness are lots of fun, indeed. Cool about you and Matt getting those scarves. Sound VERY nice!

    As for projects in my world …. I’ve got some writing I need to work on. At some point, get a first person account done on my recent Guatemala mission trip….. I am needing to type up my journaling stuff, so I can get that on my Facebook and such, too. So yup, need to get to that; have been working on a story about the Church at Prison ministry here. It’s pretty much done (minus being looked at by the editor, yet), but have been trying to get in touch with a friend of mine, to get her story about Church at Prison, etc. She is an UBER busy gal, so it has been hard. It’ll happen when it needs to, tho.

    Hm, let’s see what else. Oh, yeah, I have a couple cross stitch projects I started years ago, that have yet to be finished….! I really enjoy doing that, but life has changed in a number of ways, that it has yet to happen again ; – ) Hopefully sometime soon! and then, there are things in my apartment I need to get to, organize and such. Oy! lol

    Anyway, sorry to blab on so much here. Didn’t realize it was going to go on and on! ; – )

    Love ya! ‘talk’ soon

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