Echoes of September

20 Sep

September has got to be one of my absolute favorite months.  After all, it is when I started going with my best friend…who I eventually married, it is the month that our oldest daughter was born in, it’s the month that screams, “Time for apple picking!”, and it is the month that leads us into my favorite season and time of year!  There is just something very special about September. 🙂  Not sure I always felt this way though.  I think when I was little and was still in school I wasn’t feeling the same about September.  But as I got older, and life moved on and got so much better, it has truly become a very special month for so many reasons.

Some echoes of September I’d like to share with you…

1985–Started going with Matt

1986–Our oldest daughter was born

1997–Started homeschooling our second daughter/child

This was also the year we started going apple picking every year.

1998–Started homeschooling all our children

2001–Matt and I started an online ministry called JEM (Jesus Every Minute)  If you’d like to know more about it just go to:

2007–Our oldest started courting her now husband–After checking with us, he flew in for a brief weekend (it was her 21rst birthday) to ask her.

So many wonderful reasons to celebrate this month…and just wanted to share them with you.  I am sure there are some things I am not even thinking of right now, but that’s okay, glad I got to share some with you. 🙂

Other going’s on here lately…

Matt did get his second tooth pulled.  He was in pain all weekend, poor guy, and our family dentist got him in on Monday to extract the tooth.  Matt is still recovering, but at least he’s not hurting so badly now.

I finished reading Genesis yesterday.  Still reading through Psalms though.  I am also praying where else the Lord would have me read now.

I am still working on the fifth scarf.  I haven’t been happy with how it was coming out, so I have switched yarns, hooks, and have decided to just work on another simple pattern.  Again, I am not following anyone’s pattern but also am not claiming this as my own either.  It is just another basic pattern, that even a beginning crocheter can do.  Here is what I am doing for those who might be interested…

I CH 21, and SC in the second CH from hook and across. (20 SC) CH 3 (counts as first DC on next row) and turn.

DC in next ST and across. (20 DC) CH 1 and turn.

SC in each DC across. (20 SC) CH 3 and turn

Just keep repeating that pattern, ending with a row of SC.  Fasten off, and add fringe if you like.

Hope you are all  having a blessed and creative day! ❤


One Response to “Echoes of September”

  1. Melissa September 21, 2011 at 12:53 PM #

    WOW, canNOT believe it has been FOUR years since Phil & Alecia met….! crrrrAZY time flying, eh? lol

    I pray Matt is feeling better today with the tooth issues and such, and that all in the house are doing well.

    And yes, happy September ; – ) oh, and wooHOO on finishing your reading in Genesis, and needing to finish Psalms still …… Hugs & love!

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