Standing on the Promises

17 Sep

What a day it has been.  It is definitely one that makes you have to quote and lean on the Promises found in God’s Holy Word…which is hard to do when you’re wondering if He’s even listening to your prayers.  I know that I know that I know He is, but it sure feels like He’s been silent or slow to answer right now.  I also know in His time, not ours, but today, into this evening, has gone from bad to worse.

Matt has been in extreme pain with an absessed tooth since last night.  He went to urgent care this morning, and was sent home with meds.  He’s had 2 doses of the pain med and the antibiotic, and is still in a great deal of pain.  They were also concerned about his blood pressure being too high.  I think that’s to be expected with lack of sleep, severe pain, and having to go to urgent care.  It’s been coming down since he’s been home.  We have one of those little home ones so have been keeping an eye on it.  He’s been resting most of the day.

I have had a headache off and on since Thursday, and found out that my girls are also experiencing headaches, so maybe it’s a bug of some sort going through our home, I don’t know for sure though.  I also checked my blood pressure, and surprisingly mine was on the high side as well.  I am usually low to regular.  It must be the lack of sleep, the concern for Matt, and the headache.  I am just trying to trust that the Lord is really there listening, and is answering our prayers, even though it doesn’t seem it right now.

Our 1 year old grandson has been moody off and on tonight, too.  Not sure if it is because he is teething, or he’s feeling the tension and stress for most of us just feeling kind of yuck, or what.

The rest of the family all seem to be okay so far, and hoping it stays that way.

I promise I am not trying to complain or whine in this entry.  I just wanted to share what is going on here in our home, so you could all be praying for us please and thank you.

Other goings on here…

I finished that basic scarf I was working on.  I did try to do the fringe, but didn’t like how it was looking so removed it.  I’ll probably leave it without the fringe, but if I do change my mind, I do have a little bit of the same color left to add it on.

I made a third scarf yesterday morning, but it’s not what I normally like to make for a scarf so probably won’t make another one of that style.

I thought of another scarf I made a while back, again, not my usually style, that I can also add to the donation bag I am working on.

So, I guess that makes the one I am currently working on the fifth one.

I have managed to keep up with my daily Bible reading, thankfully.

I know some of you feel like it might be too early for this next topic, but we do not feel that way.  Matthew West is coming out with a new Christmas album this year, and I wanted to see when it is going to go on sale, so I went to amazon to check it out.  It says it will be out for sale on October 4.  I am so excited about it!  If you go check it out, go to the MP3 download area, and you can listen to a snippet of the songs.  Some of which I feel like I could have written myself…I just mean the topics he is singing about are so cool, and are the way I feel and I’m sure others as well. 😉  I only got to hear the snippets too, but can’t wait until I get to hear the songs in their entirety.

While we were there checking his Christmas album out, we found out that a few other Christian artist will be releasing Christmas albums that same day, too, so of course we checked them out as well.  The other artists are Toby Mac and Diverse City, The David Crowder Band, and Cutless.  Those are the ones I remember.  I think the more you look around, more will pop up, at least that’s what kept happening for us.

Oh, and don’t forget that the Veggies are coming out with another Christmas DVD in October this year.  It is called The Little Drummer Boy….can’t wait to get that one either.  Can you tell I am excited about Christmas, new Christmas CD’s and Specials?  I am like a little kid around this time of  year.

Well, guess this is long enough, and it’s time to see if we can do bedtime snack, and see if we can make it an early evening tonight.

Hope this finds you having a blessed and creative day!


One Response to “Standing on the Promises”

  1. Melissa September 21, 2011 at 12:50 PM #

    Continued prayers for all, and very cool you finished the scarf you were working on.. : )

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