Sleepless in New England

13 Sep

Yeah, so it’s like 8:40 AM Eastern, and I have had virtually no sleep.  Sleep and I have had a hard time finding each other lately.  Thankfully I did happen the sleep the night before, so hopefully I will be able to function to some degree today.  Let’s hope so, or our radio show is going to be very interesting to say the very least! LOL  Poor Matt, got absolutely no sleep, so yeah, think it’s going to be a very looooonnnnnngggggg day, and I can’t wait to see what actually will happen with the radio broadcast.  If you listen, and we appear punch drunk, I promise, it’s just sleep deprivation.  We do have a few other things to do today, besides the broadcast, so I hope we can stay awake long enough to do them. LOL  Seriously though, if you could pray that we actually get to bed at a decent time tonight, and actually get a good night sleep that would be greatly appreciated.


For those who may not know, Matt, my hubby, and I do a radio broadcast every Tuesday and Thursday from 11 AM to 1 PM Eastern.  We are currently running a contest on our Good 2 Go Show, and would love it if you’d tune in.  You can go to:


Just follow the links on there to listen.


Now about the contest we are doing…


We are giving a VeggieTales DVD away this month.  It has 3 episodes and 2 silly songs on it.  You need to listen to our show, and when you hear the song Thankfulness Song Medley from the Beggies, just write us at:


and let us know you heard it.  Your name will be entered into a drawing for that DVD.  Hope you’ll check our show out. 🙂


Things on today’s agenda besides trying to stay awake…


Bible Reading–checked


Before moving on to other things on today’s schedule, I’d like to encourage you to get into God’s Holy Bible each and everyday.  If you’ve never done this, or have tried and failed…don’t give up…here’s what I started to do to help myself get on a Bible reading daily plan.  I read either a Proverb or a Psalm each day.  If you do this, you will be able to go through both those books twice in 1 year, with a few days to spare.  Eventually, you’ll add other Books in the Bible to your reading.  Don’t forget to ask the Lord for His wisdom as you read.  Even if you read the same part of the Bible over and over, you’ll be surprised what new things you can find…trust me…you’ll be surprised what you can learn after reading and rereading and rereading the same Scripture Verses…give it a try. 🙂


I am currently reading Psalms, and Genesis…and Romans with a group our second daughter is running on Facebook.


We’ll be taking our oldest out to eat today.  Just her and us…she’ll be 25 years old on the 15th, and we are taking each of our children out to eat around their birthdays this year.


I’ll probably work some on the scarf I started yesterday.  I also probably should work on the washcloth I started weeks ago. LOL


WOW!  This entry is way longer than I expected…if you’re still reading…thanks so much for staying with me.  Hope you all have a blessed and creative day…God bless, and stay safe!


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